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Family law

This is an aspect of law that encompasses our everyday life.

Family law is concerned with the legal relationship between;


         the legal relationship between parent and child; and

         the legal relationship between a guardian and the person who is the subject of the guardianship.


Marriage law

         The legal requirements for a civil marriage

         Void, voidable and putative civil marriages

         The invariable consequences of civil marriage


Matrimonial property law

         The variable consequences of civil marriage - marriage in community of property

         The variable consequences of civil marriage - marriage out of community of property

o   With accrual

o   Without accrual

         Alteration of the matrimonial property system


Dissolution of a civil marriage

         Dissolution of a civil marriage –

o   general

o   dissolution by death

         Divorce -

o   The grounds for divorce

o   Patrimonial consequences of divorce –


  forfeiture of patrimonial benefits

  redistribution of assets

  maintenance of spouses

  consequences in respect of children


Civil unions

         Requirements for a valid civil union

         Consequences of a civil union

         Dissolution of a civil union

 Customary marriages

         Legal requirements for concluding a customary marriage

         Consequences of a customary marriage

o   Monogamous customary marriage

o   Polygynous customary marriage

         Wife's status

         Termination of a customary marriage

o   Divorce

o   Death

         Co-existence of customary marriage and civil marriage/union

 Muslim and Hindu marriages

         Reasons for non-recognition

         Recognition of Muslim & Hindu marriages

         The Constitution and Muslim marriages

 Life partnerships


         General rule

         Recognition of life partnerships

o   Heterosexual life partnerships

o   Same-sex life partnerships

         The Constitution and life partnerships

 The responsibilities and rights of parents and children

         Children's rights

         Parental responsibilities and rights

         The duty of support in respect of a child